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We Lost Another Good One………. -

Matthews Memory Lane Motors is sad to report the unexpected passing of one of our dearest friends, Jimmy Westrick.  Affectionately known as “the Round Man with a Square Deal,” Jimmy had a larger than life personality which was infectious as he shared his many stories to anyone willing to lend an ear.  Over the years we would look forward to watching the “deals come together” as the “Old Man and the Round Man” would negotiate, each believing they got the best of the other but both knowing they were building on a friendship to last a lifetime.  So, the next time you’re seated for breakfast at Beez Holgate Station, or perhaps another diner near you, in memory of Jimmy we’d suggest you order a pancake and when you do, take your spoon, cut a small 2 inch hole out of the middle and pour your syrup into the hole and enjoy……… Jimmy would say…”you’re welcome.” We’re gonna miss ya Jimmy!

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